Lip & Liner Intensive Training Course

Lip Blush / LipLiner  Course   includes Online Pre course + Post Course + 2 DAYS IN PERSON . This course is for those that are currently certified microbladers or who have previous permanent makeup / micropigmentation experience with the digital machine.  This course will expand your current knowledge to be proficient in permanent lip and liner.Course Total Cost: $2,299
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Meet Instructor

Kristine Lerio - "Miss Kitty"

Meet Kitty, our highly skilled Permanent Make-up Expert. Fully licensed, certified, and insured, Kitty brings a unique blend of precision and care to the world of beauty. After a distinguished career as a Special Operation Instructor in the Marine Corps and the U.S. Army, Kitty pursued her passion in beauty following her graduation with a major in Broadcasting from Mass Communication.

Kitty is committed to staying at the forefront of microblading techniques, continually enhancing her expertise with the latest advancements. She uses only top-of-the-line products to guarantee the best results for her clients. Dedicated to client comfort and satisfaction, Kitty ensures that every client is fully informed and at ease throughout the procedure, providing a detailed walkthrough of each step before it happens. With Kitty, you are in expert hands.


Lip & Liner Course Details

Course Includes:

  • Online Pre course work + “IN PERSON” Live Model
  • Course Manual
  • Temporary Tattoo License
  • Full-Service Kit valued at $1,100 (kit allows for 10-20 procedures) includes: Digital Tattoo Machine, Needles, Pigments, Pigment Cups, Pigment Rings, Pull Pencil, Adhesive Rulers, Practice Skins, Micro applicators
  • Certification


This advance class for certified microbladers or digital machine users. Because this course falls under the area of the Department of Health a temporary tattoo license is required and will be purchased by the Academy for each student working on a live model.  This course is NOT under Cosmetology.  Therefore, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN ESTHETICIAN OR A COSMOTOLOGIST TO TAKE THIS COURSE.

  1. Lip & Liner Course Outline
  • Sterilization
  • Cross Contamination prevention
  • Color Theory
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Client Consultation
  • Aftercare
  • Hands on Lip procedure
  • Hands on Eyeliner procedure
  • Procedure Setup
  • Machine Theory and Setup
  • Digital Machine Needle Theory
  • Business Setup
  • Insurance
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Marketing
  • Pricing

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