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Our beauty services will bring you to perfection. Be the best version of yourself. We ensure that when you look good, you feel good.
Who we are

We are certified experts of Microblading

Our story

We are creating fine, realistic and natural looking hair strokes that mimic the natural eyebrows to help our clients save time and unlock confidence. We strive to ensure that our clients receive glamorous shapes with perfect definition, lifting the eyes for a younger long-lasting look. Explore excellent semi-permanent makeup today.

Our mission

We believe in empowering women, helping them achieve perfection. We make sure that every client walks out feeling more confident about themselves, better than ever with an memorable experience. Through innovative techniques we strive to help unlock your inner beauty by enhancing your brows in the most natural way possible.
Our core values

We will give you more confidence and
We are empowering women

We believe that everyone is beautiful and we're showing it. Let's change the world.


We offer the highest quality of services for our clients ensuring that every client receives good work.


Building confidence is key to unlocking your inner beauty because you truly are beautiful.


Your experience matters to us. We strive to keep you refreshed, elevated and the best version of yourself.


Our professionals strive to meet your needs of perfection, ensuring every client leaves happy.

Our Journey

Browqueen Microblading was started by Kristine and Aljune Lerio and has served sinced 2018.

June 2019
We opened our doors on June 18th. The beginning of our journey to empower women and help them achieve perfection.
August 2019
Launched the Browqueen University, solidifying our commitment to being industry leaders in microblading.
April 2020
Rapidly growing client base as more women discover the confidence-boosting benefits of our expert microblading services.

Kristine "KittyCat" Lerio, co-founder of Browqueen Microblading, has established herself as one of the preeminent microblading experts on the East Coast. Through her skilled artistry and commitment to her craft, she has helped countless women enhance their natural beauty and feel more confident.

“We are not just defining brows; we are redefining beauty standards. Through the art of microblading, we empower women to embrace their unique features and radiate confidence. Our mission is to help every client feel genuinely beautiful, both inside and out.”

Kristine, Co-founder of Browqueen Microblading

August 2022
More awesome clients with the honor of providing services to Miss USA and Miss North Carolina contestants. 👑

“Thank you again so much BrowQueen Microblading for such a great eyebrow microblading experience! No more eyebrow pencil! Its so Amazing, I can retire my eyebrow pencil  permanently, its such a great investment and the ladies at BrowQueen will take care of you and you deserve to feel good too.”

Karolyn Martin, Miss North Carolina 2022

September 2022
Second store grand opening in Southern Pines, NC allowing us to share the gift of perfect brows with even more clients 🎉

We provide the highest quality of work and ensure every client is satisfied with positive results. Every client is like a masterpiece and it is important we give our clients the desired results they are looking for.

March 2023
🚀 Emerging Business Awards
Honored with the Emerging Business Global Award in Las Vegas, recognizing Browqueen as a rising star in the industry.

Recognized for our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction in the competitive microblading industry.

April 2023
Celebrating our growth, the strong relationships built with clients, and anticipating exciting future plans.
June 2023
🚀 New Store Opening
Opened our third location, further expanding our reach. Celebrating, four amazing years of empowering women and counting!

We felt that two stores was simply not enough so we launched our third location in Morrisville, NC further expanding and serving our amazing clients.

Novembr 2023
The Browqueen aka Kristine Lerio receives Business Woman of the Year! 👑

“Receiving the Business Woman of the Year award is not just a personal achievement; it's a testament to the incredible team at Browqueen and the inspiring women we have the privilege to serve every day. This recognition fuels our passion to continue breaking barriers, pushing boundaries, and making a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients and our community. I am truly humbled and grateful for this honor, and I dedicate it to every woman who has entrusted us with their brows and their stories. Together, we are not just shaping brows; we are shaping a future where every woman can feel empowered, confident, and unstoppable.”

Kristine "Kitty" Lerio, Co-founder of Browqueen Microblading

Certified Experts of Microblading

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You are exactly where you need to be. We have been in the beauty business for a long time and offer the highest quality of microblading services, ensuring that every client is a happy client.

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