Miss Kitty

A very talented Permanent Make-up Expert who is fully licensed, certified, and insured.


Kitty is a former Special Operation Instructor in Marine and U.S Army and after graduating Mass Communication major in Broadcasting she decided to go into the beauty business.

"I used to run away whenever my friends visit me at my house because I don't have my powder brows on and I look so unpresentable! But now? Not anymore! Big Thanks to MICROBLADING! "I want to make all women beautiful. When they wake up in the morning, they don't need to hide their face from the judgmental world." It's been her passion to "Make the world more beautiful one brow at a time."

This is one of the reasons why she studied permanent make-up and decided to put up her own business. Kitty stays up to date with any new advances in microblading techniques and only uses top of the line products for her clients. Kitty strives to ensure that her clients feel at ease before and during her procedures. She informs them of everything she does before she does it, ensuring that every client is comfortable and aware of every step of the process.

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