10 Benefits of Eyebrow Microblading

Discover how you can acquire fuller, thicker, natural-looking eyebrows with these top 10 benefits of Microblading.

Benefits of Eyebrow Microblading

1. Your eyebrows will always look perfect!

No more worrying about your brow pomade rubbing off at the beach or from that killer gym session. They’re completely waterproof, aside from the first 10 days where it’s recommended that you avoid water saturation. Also, if you’re a victim of the 90’s trend of over tweezing your eyebrows, the right microblading artist will be able to give you your natural brow shape back, which is absolutely worth it.

2. They’re long-lasting.

After your first microblading session, you should expect to come back into the studio Between 4- 8 weeks for a touch up. After you’ve completed that, you can expect to have your amazing new brows for up to 6 months to two years.

3. You’ll shorten your “getting ready” time in the morning.

Because your brows will already be perfectly sculpted, you can cut some time out of your morning routine, giving you more quality time with your cup of coffee. You can probably even catch an extra few minutes of sleep and honestly, who couldn’t use a little more of that? The upfront time spent is around 2 hours in the studio but imagine all the time you’ll save for the next two years!

4. It’ll save you money!

It’s still a worthwhile investment since it does last for up to two years. Plus, you get to save yourself the trip to Sephora!

5. You can choose more than one look.

We offer Microblading, Bold combo, and Microshading.

6. Positive Results

If you are not blessed with picture-perfect eyebrows, Microblading is the best solution for you. With Microblading, you will get fuller, thicker, natural-looking eyebrows.

7. Sweat and Smudge Proof

With microblading, you will not have to worry about smudges. You can go to gym, run, take showers, swim as well as enjoy any physical activity without the fear of pigment sliding down your face.

8. Saves Time

Microblading will save you a lot of time in the morning, since you will not have to waste your time trying to fill in your eyebrows to make yourself look more attractive.

9. It's easy and quick

The entire process is very quick and simple. It will take only about 2 hours to complete and will not require any time for recovery.

10. Completely Painless

The process will not hurt you. Your practitioner will use numbing cream and the entire process will be absolutely painless.

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