2023 and beyond: Furthering BrowQueen’s mission of empowerment

In the years since BrowQueen opened, we’ve seen hundreds of women, men, and everyone in betweenenter our doors not yet knowing what they want, but leave feeling just a little more confident, a littlemore rested, and feeling a little bit better about themselves.

BrowQueen’s success in the past few years is all because of these feelings: When we achieve giving ourcustomers beauty, improved confidence, and a feeling of empowerment; we’re remaining loyal to our vision, mission, and goal of being the partner of anyone seeking to look good, feel good, and do good.
Apart from being an enterprise, BrowQueen was founded as a business with a heart, and as our founder Ms. Kitty puts it, ‘beauty as empowerment.’

With this vision in tow, BrowQueen started by offering to do professional microblading with our semi- permanent makeup technology, and it was an instant hit when it started; so much so that BrowQueen was able to add more and more services that targeted other beauty concerns. “Eyebrow microblading wasn’t such a thing here in town before BrowQueen came along. Don’t get me wrong, I loved to do my eyebrows before I saved up and got them professionally done at BrowQueen,”
says Melinda.** “But I don’t regret going to them either because my day starts so much faster now, and I’m able to do more, thanks to how much I love how they did my eyebrows that I confidently just go out the house with lipstick on,” she added. Melinda** is one of BrowQueen’s OG customers when we started at our first branch, and she’s since tried out lip blushing too.

“The ladies there are always so kind, the recommendations on point, and of course I am always happy with the turnout,” adds Melinda.**In the new year, we’re looking forward to bringing more confidence, more beauty, and more
empowerment to more locations across America.
BrowQueen’s gonna see you around!

Ensuring confidence and women empowerment

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