3 Reasons You Should Sign Up for the BrowQueen Microblading Class

Not quite sure if you want to take the plunge? Here are five reasons why BrowQueen Academy’s Microblading Class is a worthy investment:

We don’t take the ‘Queen’ in our name lightly! Like all great queens, our professionals that run the Microblading Classes in the BrowQueen Academy have seen enrollees take that first leap into learning new skills, hone their knowledge, and pay it forward too.

1. NEW JOB SKILLS: The beauty world is an exciting industry to work in! If you’ve always had the desire to learn about beauty trends, procedures, and technologies; learning about microblading is a great all-in-one dive. You will learn about assessing facial features, selecting the best microblading equipment and materials, and the best practices of the industry, among a lot of other exciting information.

2) UPSKILLING: If you’re already practicing microblading as a profession, this is the perfect opportunity to improve your skills even more! BrowQueen professionals are constantly keeping updated with the upcoming trends in the beauty industry, and we aren’t shy about sharing this information to our students and making sure everyone is up to date with current practices.

3) NETWORKING: Meeting like-minded individuals who are excited about learning new skills and honing their techniques, and of course who are also in it to make lifelong friendships and connections are just among the experiences to look forward to when enrolling with BrowQueen Academy Microblading class! We aim to foster these positive experiences in our training sessions.

Hope we see you come through our Academy doors! Click on Academy in our menu above to view the details of enrolling with BrowQueen.

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