A love letter to you and your beauty this 2023

There’s a misconception that because we are in the beauty industry, that BrowQueen would want you to keep being insecure or keep being dissatisfied about your looks.

But not at all! We consider ourselves in fact, champions of declaring love for yourself and the way you are and in whatever you want to become, on the inside and out. Beautiful one, we want to remind you that anything you want to change about yourself, inwardly or
outwardly, should come from you and your own desire to change.You cannot hate yourself into something that you will love; healthy change doesn’t come from that
frame of mind.

Take a moment to take yourself in, but this time not with eyes that were trained to scrutinize, but this time like with the sight of someone discovering you for the first time: How your eyes show different shades of its hue when sunlight hits it, how your hair wisps about, how your skin has come to mature with you through the years. These are all you.

These are the things the great machinations of society so badly want to blur out, to Photoshop away, and to create and sell fantasies of a human being. But you, you can’t ever be airbrushed away. Our encouragements of celebrating yourself, choosing yourself, and loving yourself, these are not empty or hollow. We mean those words with our whole heart, and hope that soon you are able to find yourself in a safe place; physically, mentally, and emotionally, to be able to feel it with your whole heart too.

Ensuring confidence and women empowerment

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