BrowQueen and you: A community of beauty

While there is beauty in your own company, it’s also a wonderful thing to be part of a movement or acommunity of people you share interests with, and who strive to foster kindness and empowerment.

At BrowQueen, we’re incredibly lucky and grateful that we get to share that with our community of customers who have a love of beauty, are incredibly kind, and we’re proud to say have become somewhat part of our little family.
“I came to BrowQueen to try out the semi-permanent eyeliner, and ended up in the long run being invited to birthday parties and even Thanksgiving! The ladies I’ve met here are unlike any other, in the best way possible,” says Goldie**, whose semi-permanent eyeliner treatment has progressed to trying out our eyebrow microblading.


“Honestly such a fun place to be. I really hope more girls and guys come through to BrowQueen to experience it for themselves. Miss Kitty and her staff are just a delight,” she adds. It’s important that businesses in the beauty industry aren’t just in it for the money: behind every brand should be a heart for excellent delivery of service, for building rapport and good relationships with their customers and the community, and in the long run, for paying it forward to the hands and hearts that helped the business get to where it is.
Not like we’re tooting our own horn over here; but from our services, to our products, and down to the people in the staff, we’re proud that we have repeat customers coming through our doors.


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