BrowQueen is in the Beauty Biz For Empowerment

We’re on a mission to empower through beauty and feeling good about yourself! All identities who come through our doors leave feeling a little more relaxed, a little more beautiful, and a little more confident.

We know loving yourself is easier said than done, but when we work on ourselves a little bit every day, we can be our best self! And sometimes, it’s great to start off with the things we can change right away: a little pick-me-up when we look in the mirror can be neater eyebrows, a more defined eye, a luscious hairline, or juicy lips!

Some might think it’s superficial, but when we feel great about ourselves by starting off with being happier about how we look, it’s a step in the right direction towards gaining more confidence, and becoming an overall healthier, happier person, inside and out.

There is really a transformative power in semi-permanent makeup: It can help you start your day faster, and get you through your day with one less thing to worry about. That’s what BrowQueen strives to deliver!

Ensuring confidence and women empowerment

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