Eyebrows: The face-framing investment to make for yourself

Eyebrows: Who knew these bits of hair on our face would turn out to be our beauty must-have?

While eyebrows as a trend has seen many versions: skinny, wavy, stick-straight across, or none at all, it’s
a fact that it makes a statement no matter your style.So why should you consider investing in your brows? The simple grooming of errant hairs, or playing it up if that’s what you want, shapes your face and gives it dimension. Brows provide a definition to your features: a strong forehead, high brow bones, or perhaps deep set eyes.

These, and more, can be enhanced when paired with eyebrows that play up the features you want to stand out. “On really busy days, I’m thankful I can get to the door faster because my brows are already in place,” said Isabel*, one of our first-timers here at BrowQueen. “I just pop on lipstick or curl my lashes, and I already feel put together because I don’t have to spend so much time drawing eyebrows on, while worrying about other parts of my look,” she adds.

Isabel* recently treated herself for her birthday to our microblading service for semi-permanent makeup, and about a month in has reported no adverse effects. “How dark it was at first, then the peeling, the itchiness, all of that was explained to me fully by the ladies at BrowQueen. I had a great experience because they made me know what to expect,” said Isabel*. Book an appointment for microblading now at BrowQueen! We’re always glad to have you.

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