Lip Blush: The flushed lip takes you from spring to summer

The dizzying array of makeup trends that come out every season can make you throw up your hands and declare ‘Nope! I’m sticking to what I know!’ thereby creating a signature look.

While that’s great, some looks just aren’t meant for a particular season, you know? (A dark burgundy in the middle of a sweltering summer heat wave? No thanks.) But you know a look that lasts? It’s full, flushed, healthy-looking puckers even without makeup on, and BrowQueen can help you achieve that! The Lip Blush treatment fills lips with your closest natural shade to brighten and define your pout. Whether you have issues on discoloration, hyperpigmentation, or a lack of pigmentation for that matter,
the Lip Blush treatment helps to address that. As always, BrowQueen only uses the highest grade of pigment that’s hypoallergenic, government- approved, and made to last long before you need a touch-up.

Aside from delivering subtle but ‘makes a difference’ color on your lips, another tradeoff of the Lip Blush procedure is fuller lips in the most natural way possible. Fish lips? Don’t think so! With Lip Blush, spend a hassle-free time choosing your fave makeup looks for spring and summer. Our favorite way to play it up? A swipe of some clear or peachy-pink gloss for the juiciest lips wherever your spring and summer trips may take you.

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