With just lip balm and a prayer: How lip blushing gets you ready day-to-day

“Getting the lip blush procedure was a big change for me. Imagine having a needle close to your mouth! But BrowQueen took care of me really well, and I’ve been going out of the house with just lip balm on and prayer that I get through my errands the way I need to,” says Cherie, one of our first-timers at BrowQueen.

Busy people know that one of the frustrating things about getting started with your day is getting ready for it. Most of us want to be out the door so we can get on with what we need to do, especially when we’re in a rush!

The lip blushing procedure results in rosy-tinted lips that fade to a graceful, natural shade of pink over time. Like Cherie *, you don’t need a lot of product on your lips once you get the lip blush. The tint lasts for about a year or so, but touch-ups can vary since the tint can differ from person to person as factors like our natural lip color or presence of any hyperpigmentation on the lips can affect its longevity.

“I’m about three months into my lip blush and I honestly look already so made up already even when I’m at home. I put on the rest of my makeup really quick, then I’m out the door,” adds Cherie*. Try out something new for yourself and see why BrowQueen customers all line up for the lip blush procedure.

*Name changed to protect privacy

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