You’re out the door faster! omg!

We keep saying it like a mantra: semi-permanent makeup doesn’t just save you money from repeatedly buying products all the time, it’s also saves you on the intangible: your time and effort.

“It’s great that I don’t feel as rushed when I start my mornings. There used to always be that need to get on with the next thing quickly that I don’t get to enjoy what I’m doing in the moment. Like, ‘OK, I need to get done with my coffee so I can wake the kids up! Ok, the kids have to hurry because I still need to do my makeup before I run errands! Errands need to be done so I can go home and do laundry!’”, shares Gayle, who had her eyerbrows microbladed with BrowQueen as a birthday gift to herself.

“I’m seriously so happy that I decided to get eyebrow microblading. Makeup-wise, my morning routine now just involves some blush or lipstick before we head out the door, which is great! I honestly get to enjoy mornings and I’m not nagging at my kids all the time to hurry up,” she shares.

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